SUBMITTED ON OCTOBER 11, 2012 – 8:49PM BIG BIG REALLY BIG news coming up… we have no contact with any cousins not descended from Daniel Stephen & Mary Mehigan until now! Yesterday via Facebook, Maureen contacted me. The most amazing thing is that she is the granddaughter of one of the missing Murphy’s. Her grandmother was the youngest Murphy ‘Lizzie’.

Margarets husband was John Murphy market gardener/ labourer. He was married before and was a widower when married Maragret in 1855. Mum thinks he had 3 daughters from this marriage but all died early from consumption. Hananh may have been from first marriage. I haven’t found out much about him as too many John Murphys!! but he was still alive when my nan born but deceased prior to 1930 when she got married. Maureen”

But it gets crazier than this… read Kevin Crowley’s story about his father Kevin meeting his wife through the Burt family in England. Betty Burt was Maureens grandmother! Uncle Kevin and Betty were 2nd cousins and they didn’t even know it! I have invited Maureen to join our group, when she get’s back to me I’ll let her in 😀 Maureen’s mother is still alive and Maureen is planning to ask her for more information. Hannah was only 2 years older than Julia, so I think she was a daughter of Margarets. Betty Burt is/ was Lizzie Murphy.
Maureen has been a friend of Uncle Kevins family since the year dot! We hope to be adding to the family tree very soon.

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