SUBMITTED BY DC CROWLEY ON JULY 29, 2013 – 9:37PM Well, my lucky day! I wondered the other day if James Crowley had died in 1907 rather than 1909, the date given in the Rhubarb Leaf, etc. And so it turned out to be. He died on 18th October 1907.
I found proof in the Wills and Beneficiaries section of the National Archives, which stated that the James in question lived in Killeenreendowney, a market gardener, his beneficiary was Mary Crowley, to the tune of 444 pounds and spare change. Here’s the link. Click on “view image” to see the pdf file. James is 4th up from the bottom left hand page.

This is yet another case of false memories, passed on down as fact. Do also see my timeline regarding some date issues with Mary Mehigan too. I’m afraid I’ve ceased to believe any of the non-documented dates that we have accepted as facts up to now.
Re the last post on St. Joseph’s cemetery, I have since come across the following entry: James Crowley, age 66, of Pouladuff Rd., buried 18 Oct 1907, in Section 8, in grave with headstone of Jeremiah Crowley. Could this be our James? I know he had a brother Jeremiah, but do not know if he pre-deceased James. Also it puts James’ birth year as 1841, not the commonly accepted 1844.
Eamonn Crowley
An incredible find, one I have been hoping for years! Thanks you Eamonn – Don

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