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★ We have 6-8 videos on the The Rhubarbleaf Video channel. Many of Peadar and some of Cork in the 1970’s and one of James and Brigit nee Heffernan with May. Most of these videos were sent to us by Peadars son Daniel.

Near hits (Family members with their own genealogy stash online)

  • Nick Shortland has a great resource relating to the Mehigan clan over at with many pages of information relating to Mary Mehigans family and parents. Highly recommended.
  •, Eamonn Crowley has a website containing his part of the Crowley family tree, but also including the Brady’s, Delaney’s, Lyons, Evans, McCormack & Lanigan/Slattery. Eamonn Crowley is our one of our secret weapons on this website.
  • Daniel Crowley (this websites other secret weapon) has additional information about the Crowley and Hatton families. Daniel also has an important additional resource to this website at It contains additional information about dates of birth and death from our family members who have passed away.

General information

Other family members websites

Thank you

I’d like to thank every one for getting in touch here. Without you and your input this sight will never grow and develope. We have an amazing group on Facebook and it has been great to regain contact with the various branches yet again. Lots of thanks to the following (I just hope I don’t forget anyone), Daniel Crowley, Donal Crowley, Mary Molloy, Eamonn Crowley, Kevin and Cathy Crowley, Garry Crowley, Ronan Crowley, Evelyn Spelman, Danette, the other Don Crowley :), The three sisters Jenny, Gillian and Katie; Ciaran Hyland, Stephen Crowley, David Geary, Jim O’Connell, Cathy O’ Connell, Anne Molloy, Nick Shortland, Liz Raftery, Sheila Heffernan Delaney and many more. I would also very much like to thank Jack Crowley (I assume no relation) who was very active on for his advice and enthousiasm.

Thanks again, Don.

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