Margaret (called Peggy ) and Joseph Hyland in 1932 [L]
Paul and Rita nee Keogh in 1955 [L]
Ciaran [L]
Paul [L]
Micheal [L]
Anne and Patrick Geary [L]
David and Carolina Haddad[L]
Lisa [L]
Brian [L]
Olan David [L]
Fiona [L]
Paula [L]
Kevin Barry[L]
Audrey and Des Boudren in 1955 [L]
Christopher [L]
May and Yash Garge (May died 4th April 2000, aged 57 years) [L]
Kieran and Carmel Sloane [L]
Jacinta (died a few weeks old, nest position unknown) [L]
Ciaran (died a few weeks old, nest position unknown)[L]
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