James (called Jimmy) and Brigid nee Heffernan in 1934. [L]
Daniel Stephen (called Donal) and Brigid nee Griffin [L]
Donal Courtney (called Don) [L]
Yves Matthieu * [L]
Georgia May *[L]
* Mother ex partner Maria Loewy (called Merel)
Colm Joseph and Tracy nee Eariss [L]
Finbarr James (called Barry) and Ishihara Mikako (called Mika) [L]
Amélie [L]
Griffin (born November 9th, 2005)[L]
Fergal Stephen and Lillian O’ Mahony[L]
Roisin Crowley born November 1st, 2007[L]
Allison Matilda Crowley born June 2nd, 2009[L]
Aisling and Rory McNeill[L]
Harrison Arthur McNeill (born 30th April 2013) [L]
Franklin McNeill (born 7 Feb 2017) [L]
Sinead (Aisling and Sinead are twins). [L]
James Joseph, 26th March 1937-26th April 1937 [L]
Mary and John Molloy [L] [P]
Valerie and Shane Jennings [L]
Leah Jennings [L]
Sarah Jennings [L]
Ann [L]
John (died one day old) [L]
James Heffernan (called Jimmy) and Margaret nee Hickey [L]
James Stephen (called Jim) [L]
Tadhg James Valentine * [L]* Mother is Jim’s ex partner Marisa Giesey
Mary Bridget Lelia and David Coughlan [L]
Tara Maggie Honorah [L]
Anne-Maria (called Anne) and Aidan Smyth [L]
Maria Lauren [L]
Juliette Margaret [L]
Caroline Anne [L]
Evelyn and Stephan Spelman [L]
John James Patrick [L]
Tomás [L]
Patrick [L]
Margaret Jane [L]
Kathleen and Edwin O’ Connell [L]
Jim and Michelle nee Coakley [L]
Niamh [L]
Emily [L]
Edwin and Danette nee Lea Wing [L]
Ana Claire [L]
Cathleen and Malachi Mallon [L]
Megan born November 21st, 2005[L]
Jack born November 21st, 2005[L]
Emma Louise [L]
Breda and Francis O’ Toole (called Frank)[L]
Karen and Ján Morovic [L]
Ján Francis (March 2nd, 2003) [L]
Thomas Joseph [L]
Francis (called Fran)[L]
James [L]
Una and Brian Pierce [L]
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