Daniel (called Dan) and Margaret nee Buckley [L]
Daniel (called Don) and Deirdre nee Mc Donald [L]
Daniel [L]
Alison and Dennis Crowley [L]
Seamus, (May 9th, 2003) [L]
Darren [L]
Roisin [L]
Aoife & Chris Bywater [L]
Tomas Keith Bywater, born on July 14th 2017
Roy and Helen nee Mc Carthy [L]
Joanne and Dave Mullins [L]
Alison [L]
Stephen and Elaine Dolan [L]
Kate Dolan Crowley, (July 8th, 1999) [L]
Liam Roy Crowley, (August 5th, 2012) [L]
Miriam and Terry Lotty [L]
Ciara [L]
TJ [L]
Edel and Kenny Hughes[L]
Conor Gerard Crowley-Hughes [L]
Roy [L]
Michelene and Sean Corkery [L]
Michael and partner Lucie Durand [L]
Eamonn [L]
Juliette [L]
Margaret and partner Barry Iremonger [L]
Esme [L]
Liam [L]
Daniel [L]
John and Elaine Taggart [L]
Saoirse [L]
Bernadette and John Finucane [L]
John and Fuki [L]
Louie(琉意) Finucane, born on January 18th 2019
Emma-Jane [L]
Katie [L]
Peter [L]
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