James (called Jimmy) and Brigid nee Heffernan in 1934. [L]
Daniel Stephen (called Donal) and Brigid nee Griffin [L]
Donal Courtney (called Don) [L]
Yves Matthieu * [L]
Georgia May *[L]
* Mother ex partner Maria Loewy (called Merel)
Colm Joseph and Tracy nee Eariss [L]
Finbarr James (called Barry) and Ishihara Mikako (called Mika) [L]
Amélie [L]
Griffin (born November 9th, 2005)[L]
Fergal Stephen and Lillian O’ Mahony[L]
Roisin Crowley born November 1st, 2007[L]
Allison Matilda Crowley born June 2nd, 2009[L]
Aisling and partner Rory McNeill[L]
Harrison Arthur McNeill (born 30th April 2013) [L]
Franklin McNeill (born 7 Feb 2017) [L]
Sinead (Aisling and Sinead are twins). [L]
James Joseph, 26th March 1937-26th April 1937 [L]
Mary and John Molloy [L] [P]
Valerie and Shane Jennings [L]
Leah Jennings [L]
Sarah Jennings [L]
Ann [L]
John (died one day old) [L]
James Heffernan (called Jimmy) and Margaret nee Hickey [L]
James Stephen (called Jim) [L]
Tadhg James Valentine * [L]* Mother is Jim’s ex partner Marisa Giesey
Mary Bridget Lelia and David Coughlan [L]
Tara Maggie Honorah [L]
Anne-Maria (called Anne) and Aidan Smyth [L]
Maria Lauren [L]
Juliette Margaret [L]
Caroline Anne [L]
Evelyn and Stephan Spelman [L]
John James Patrick [L]
Tomás [L]
Patrick [L]
Margaret Jane [L]
Kathleen and Edwin O’ Connell [L]
Jim and Michelle nee Coakley [L]
Niamh [L]
Emily [L]
Edwin and Danette nee Lea Wing [L]
Ana Claire [L]
Cathleen and Malachy Mallon [L]
Megan born November 21st, 2005[L]
Jack born November 21st, 2005[L]
Emma Louise [L]
Breda and Francis O’ Toole (called Frank)[L]
Karen and Ján Morovic [L]
Ján Francis (March 2nd, 2003) [L]
Thomas Joseph [L]
Francis (called Fran)[L]
James [L]
Una and Brian Pierce [L]
Mary (called May) (1905?-1989) [L]
Anne (died 3years) [L]
Charles (died 4 1/2years). [L]
Margaret (called Peggy ) and Joseph Hyland in 1932 [L]
Paul and Rita nee Keogh in 1955 [L]
Ciaran [L]
Paul [L]
Micheal [L]
Anne and Patrick Geary [L]
David and Carolina Haddad[L]
Lisa [L]
Brian [L]
Olan David [L]
Fiona [L]
Paula [L]
Kevin Barry[L]
Audrey and Des Boudren in 1955 [L]
Christopher [L]
May and Yash Garge (May died 4th April 2000, aged 57 years) [L]
Kieran and Carmel Sloane [L]
Jacinta (died a few weeks old, nest position unknown) [L]
Ciaran (died a few weeks old, nest position unknown)[L]
Jeremiah (called Jerry) and Margaret Sheppard (called Peggy) [L]
Garrett (called Garry) and Elizabeth Stone [L]
Nicholas [L]
Caroline Rachel Crowley and Kai-Thomas Roth [L]
Amelia Frances (27 July 1990) [L]
Josephine Elisabeth (26 January 1992) [L]
Cosima Sophia (19 August 1996) [L]
Dominic and Donna Macloud [L]
Alessandra Ursula (15 August 1998)[L]
Joseph Cameron (2 March 2002)[L]
Edward Peter (called Ned, born October 7th 2006)[L]
Kathrine and Keith Haynes [L]
Emily Francesca (10 February 1994)* [L]
Jemima Faye (17 October 1995)* [L]
Henry James Batestone [L]
Olivia [L]* Father is Kathrines ex partner Justine Cox
Timothy & Claire [L]
Joshua [L]
Hazel and Cyril Ellard [L]
David [L]
Peter and partner Karen [L]
John [L]
Sandra and Eoin Mc Carthy [L]
Richard (13 February 1999)* [L]
Amy (6 March 2001) [L]* Father is Gabriel O Dwyer
Brian and Margaret nee Wright [L]
Ronan and Jane Wallis [L]
Thomas Jeremiah Wallis Crowley(31st May 2003) [L]
Louis Joseph Wallis Crowley (10th September 2005) [L]
Duncan and partner Sarah Louise Billing [L]
Mia Christina Crowley (August 10th, 2007) [L]
Aine and partner Aaron Dyer [L]
Lauren Dyer [L]
Nicolas Dyer [L]
Sophie Dyer [L]
Anne and Patrick Foley [L]
Louise [L]
Linda [L]
Barbara [L]
Susanne [L]
Carol and Gerard Cahill [L]
Alan [L]
Sinead and Tom O Kelly [L]
Aaron (13 September 2002) [L]
Irene [L]
Lyron (1 December 1998) * [L]* Father is Trevor Deedy
William (Called Billy) and Moll nee Brady [L]
Liam and Mary nee Walsh [L]
Bill and Lorraine [L]
Laverene [L]
Tara [L]
Vanessa [L]
Michell and Jonathon Nealon[L]
Daniel* [L]
Sarah* [L]
Jake* [L]
* father is ex-partner Anthony Fahey
Eamonn and Frances nee Lyons [L]
Gavin and Rachel Hayes [L]
Kieran (25th November 2005) [L]
Ronan Paul (born 29th October 2008) [L]
Brendan and Colette Walsh[L]
Noah (born 23rd October 2012) [L]
Daniel (born 23rd October 2012) [L]
Brian and Philomena nee Fanning [L]
Michelle [L]
Rebecca [L]
Emma [L]
Shirley and Adrian Mc Court [L]
Niamh [L]
Aisling [L]
Fionn [L]
Kathleen (died 2 weeks). [L]
Daniel (called Dan) and Margaret nee Buckley [L]
Daniel (called Don) and Deirdre nee Mc Donald [L]
Daniel [L]
Alison and Dennis Crowley [L]
Seamus, (May 9th, 2003) [L]
Darren [L]
Roisin [L]
Aoife & Chris Bywater [L]
Tomas Keith Bywater, born on July 14th 2017
Roy and Helen nee Mc Carthy [L]
Joanne and Dave Mullins [L]
Alison [L]
Stephen and Elaine Dolan [L]
Kate Dolan Crowley, (July 8th, 1999) [L]
Liam Roy Crowley, (August 5th, 2012) [L]
Miriam and Terry Lotty [L]
Ciara [L]
TJ [L]
Edel and Kenny Hughes[L]
Conor Gerard Crowley-Hughes [L]
Roy [L]
Michelene and Sean Corkery [L]
Michael and partner Lucie Durand [L]
Eamonn [L]
Juliette [L]
Margaret and partner Barry Iremonger [L]
Esme [L]
Liam [L]
Daniel [L]
John and Elaine Taggart [L]
Saoirse [L]
Bernadette and John Finucane [L]
John and Fuki [L]
Louie(琉意) Finucane, born on January 18th 2019
Emma-Jane [L]
Katie [L]
Peter [L]
Hannah (called Una) and William Davis (called Bill) [L]
Finbarr died at sea, 29 October 1976 [L]
Stephanie and Mohammed Jemal [L]
Simon [L]
Phyllis and Brian Mc Guinness [L]
Finbarr [L]
Shane [L]
Conor [L]
Paul died aged 8 1/2 months. Peter and Paul were twins. [L]
Peter (called Peadar) and Noreen nee DeLee in 1945 [L]
Daniel (called Dan) and Irene nee Hatton [L]
Gillian and Julian Kulkarni [L]
Sophie (13 December 2003) [L]
Mia (13 December 2003) [L]
Grace Lucy Florence (January 23rd 2007) [L]
Jennifer and John Carne [L]
Emma-Kate [L]
Peadar and Margaret Campbell [L]
Neil [L]
Steven [L]
Clare [L]
John and Jane nee MacDonald [L]
Luke [L]
Luke, died 1984 [L]
Mark and Lisa Cotter. [L]
Patrick Kevin (called Kevin by parents and siblings) and Theresa nee Sweeney [L]
Kevin Barry and Cathy nee Evans [L]
Patrick and Jo Wilson[L]
Aoife [L]
Conan [L]
Logan [L]
Alyn and Leah [L]
Evan [L]
Anna [L]
Michelle and Alex Henderson[L]
Alyn-James Duncan Henderson born June 26th 2013[L]
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