The Heffernans came originally from Bilboa (pronounced Bilbow), Co: Limerick, Ireland. The family was raised in 49 Clare Street, Limerick. This is the family tree of James Heffernan and his wife Kathrine nee Carr and their nine children. Their youngest child Brigid nee Heffernan(1905-1983) married a James Crowley (1903-1980) and raised a family in Cork. The unusual thing is that in a previous generation Brigid nee Heffernans Aunt Brigid nee Carr also married a James Crowley (no relation). They emigrated to America and were never heard of again. This makes two James and Brigid Crowleys in two generations! My name is Don Crowley. My grandmother was Brigid nee Heffernan. If you have any new information or corrections please let me know. I’d love to hear from you. James Heffernan was a tailor who died young (in his fourties). After his death they became a poor family of mixed fortunes. One of his grandchildren (Eamonn Ryan) went on to become amateur welterweight boxing champion of Ireland. This family tree is not complete. There is also a small photo album available. The listings may not be in cronological order yet. There is also a 1901 census recording of the family when they still lived at Bilboa. James Heffernan and Kathleen nee Carr had nine children an unknown number of grandchildren an unknown number of great-grandchildren and an unknown number of great-great-grandchildren.

James Heffernan and Kathleen nee Carr
Edmond known as Ned
Annie married Bill O’ Connor (Hassels Cross, Limerick, Ireland)
Jim O’ Connor married Norrie Griffin
Ellen married Jack Collins (Kilcournan, Co: Limerick)
Kathleen, still alive runs a B&B on the Ennis rd. in Limerick with her sister Mary
Tom Heffernan married Maggie Payne (Keane street, Limerick)
Tommy (lived in Sutton/ Howth, Co: Dublin.
Patricia known as Popsey married John Dillan, children unknown (one son in the Netherlands)
Kathleen married Clarkie Madden, They had triplets, one of whom died at birth.
Phyllis married ?, lived in England and died young
Mary married Ned Ryan a baker who worked in the city asylum
Paddy (in England, is a builder)
Eamonn (amateur welterweight boxing champion of Ireland in the 1950’s)
Kitty married Paul ? (Polish by birth). They have twins
Jim Ryan (New Jersey, USA was cured at Knock)
Nancy Ryan and Thomas Barrett (have two daughters and a son)
Noreen married Eddie Wallace
Phyliss married unknown (lived at 49 Clare street – original family home)
Willie married Peggy Hayes
David lives in Shannon, Co: Clare.
Kay married ? Kearney
Kathrine called Cathleen married Larry Nestor (emigrated to USA)
Jimmy (lives in Conn. USA)
Larry (married? and has children, more will follow)
Kathleen died of meningitus in her teens.
James married ?
Seamus (lives Conn. USA)
Eamonn (soccer player for Limerick City)
James (called Jimmy) and Brigid nee Heffernan in 1934. [L] [P]
Daniel Stephen (called Donal) and Brigid nee Griffin [L] [P]
Donal Courtney (called Don) [L] [P]
Yves Matthieu * [L]
Georgia May *[L]* Mother ex partner Maria Loewy (called Merel)
Colm Joseph and Tracy nee Eariss [L] [P]
Finbarr James (called Barry) and Ishihara Mikako (called Mika) [L] [P]
Amélie [L]
Griffin (born November 9th, 2005)[L]
Fergal Stephen and Lillian O’ Mahony[L]
Roisin Crowley born November 1st, 2007[L]
Allison Matilda Crowley born June 2nd, 2009[L]
Aisling [L]
Sinead (Aisling and Sinead are twins). [L]
James Joseph, 26th March 1937-26th April 1937 [L]
Mary and John Molloy [L] [P]
Valerie and Shane Jennings [L]
Leah Jennings [L]
Sarah Jennings [L]
Ann [L]
John (died one day old) [L]
James Heffernan (called Jimmy) and Margaret nee Hickey [L] [P]
James Stephen (called Jim) [L]
Tadhg James Valentine * [L]* Mother is Jim’s ex partner Marisa Giesey
Mary Brigid Lelia and David Coughlan [L]
Tara Maggie Honorah [L]
Anne-Maria (called Anne) and Aidan Smyth [L]
Maria Lauren [L]
Juliette Margaret [L]
Caroline Anne [L]
Evelyn and Stephan Spelman [L]
John James Patrick [L]
Tomás [L]
Patrick [L]
Margaret Jane [L]
Kathleen and Edwin O’ Connell [L] [P]
Jim and Michelle nee Coakley [L]
Niamh [L]
Emily [L]
Edwin and Danette nee Lea Wing [L] [P]
Ana Claire [L]
Cathleen and Malachi Mallon [L]
Megan born November 21st, 2005[L]
Jack born November 21st, 2005[L]
Emma Louise [L]
Breda and Francis O’ Toole (called Frank)[L] [P]
Karen and Ján Morovic [L]
Ján Francis (March 2nd, 2003) [L]
Thomas Joseph [L]
Francis (called Fran) and Claire Delany[L]
James [L]
Una and Brian Pierce [L]
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