Friars WalkThe arms dump was constructed in the ‘lane’ between Hallorans’s Orchard and the Passage, Beyond the Black Gate, over toward the corner where O’Reagans garden started. It was a big arms dump, 8 foot deep, 7 foot wide and 9 foot long. It was lined with timber and damp proofed and covered with a huge iron cover which was later used over the sewage disposal pit. Despite extensive use by the IRA, it was never discovered.

When we were young, it was not unusual to pick up an old rusted revolver around the garden – or to come across one concealed in the rafters of the shed. These were all relics of the dump I’m sure.

Jimmy relates how the British raided the house one time, just at dinner time. The night before the raid, the local IRA had raided Macroom railway station for bicycles for the column and got about 20 or 30. Some of these were in the front porch at the time of the British raid. A soldier actually tested the tires of three of them but failed to realise exactly what he had in his hands. They continued searching the house for Father, for whom they were looking. Father was in town, but Jimmy was taken as a hostage, and held in Moores Hotel for a week. Father was the Local Court Magistrate in Sinn Fein at the time

Garry passed on this following story of Jerry’s

Jerry also told us that his mother had a very hard time of it and hated the activities his father and the older ones were involved in. She often waited in fear in the dark upstairs with the children as the meetings went on in the kitchen. Once a man was interrogated and they heard him been taken out to be shot somewhere. Terrifying times.

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