I have not got much information on the will of James Crowley. My father Dan was the last Crowley to work the Friars walk market garden and we left there sometime in 1955. I have many boyhood memories of it .It was compulsory purchased by Cork corporation and we moved to College Rd..I remember seeing the will in my Dads papers during my childhood but had completely forgotten about it.. Dad died in 1972 and so it would have been in my Mothers possession then.

My sister Mish lived with her at College Rd and later on She went to live in Blarney with Mish in her later years..A couple of weeks ago Mish came across it in her home and gave it to me. She had not known of its presence before that . I put up photos of it on the Crowley website as I thought it might be of interest to the group. I now can see its importance after your remarks on the site. I do not know the history of how Dad became the last to work the garden.He worked it and we went to live there in 1951 when Aunty May went to work in the Tech in Limerick. Sorry this is a bit disjointed as I am putting down memories as they occur.

Another thought might be useful I remember my Dad with his uncle Florrie …he lived by the lough church and a Jermiah who had a shop on upper bk st.Be good.

Via Dan Crowley’s son Don

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