Map of friars Walk updated

This one is for you Daniel Crowley. Uncle Peadar’s son Daniel sent me a photoshop file quite a while back. The location of some houses like that of DSC and his brother Jeremiah were not right. So I created a screenshot a google map imported it into...
Some important random notes

Some important random notes

Trying to find James grave and his parents The Rhubarbleaf has been offline for a while. Eamonn (more than me) and myself have been making an effort to get further back. My ultimate goal would be to find James Crowley’s grave and find out who his parents were....

There is a new copyright notice for the Rhubarbleaf

There is a new copyright notice for the Rhubarbleaf. It is purely intended to protect our rights. If you have objections, I will explain how it works. – DC Crowley THE RHUBARBLEAF © DON CROWLEY, 2001 – Current year. This copyright is to protect from unauthorised...

Amelie Crowley stars in a TV ad

SUBMITTED ON AUGUST 18, 2013 – 7:41PM Congratulations to Amelie Crowley for her first TV ad appearance. We hope you enjoyed it and that you get the chance to make many more.
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